Thermal Imaging Audit

An important section of our full Switchboard Safety Audit, we also offer Thermal Imaging Audits as a standalone service. The benefit of using a high-quality thermal imaging camera to inspect your switchboard is that it can quickly and easily identify any hot spots that can develop into fire risks without de-energisation of your switchboard.

Our team at Select Switchboards are experts when it comes to quickly and efficiently completing thermographic inspections to assess the health of your switchboards, with a service that includes no operational downtime.

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Thermal Imaging
Switchboard Inspection

There are several reasons why organisations may request a thermographic inspection of a switchboard, these include:

Preventive Maintenance: By identifying potential issues before they cause failure, you can schedule repairs during routine maintenance rather than dealing with emergency breakdowns. This can save time, reduce costs, and prevent damage to other equipment.

Site Safety: Overheating electrical components can be a fire risk. Catching these hot spots early can help prevent fires and keep the working environment safe.

Switchboard Efficiency: Electrical systems run more efficiently when they're in good working order. By addressing issues found in a thermal imaging audit, businesses can lower their energy use and costs.

Insurance Requirements: Some insurance companies require regular thermographic inspections as part of their policies to minimise the risk of electrical fires.

Our Switchboard Thermal Imaging Auditing Process

Our expert staff are fully qualified and well-experienced in thermographic inspecting with some of the best equipment available on the market. Our Switchboard Thermal Audits are completed in the following 3 steps:

Thermal Inspection: A trained thermographer uses a thermal imaging camera to scan the switchboard and other electrical equipment. These cameras create pictures showing different temperatures in different colors, so hot spots stand out.

Thermal Image Analysis: The images are analyzed for anomalies. Unusually hot spots could indicate problems like overloading, loose connections, faulty wiring, or other issues that increase resistance and thereby heat.

Reporting: A report is prepared that details the findings, often including the thermal images themselves, analysis, and recommended actions for addressing any problems identified.

Common Problems Identified

Thermal imaging audits help to identify any weak spots or issues within your switchboard, this allows for part of the whole safety switchboard audit to be completed with minimal disruptions to your operations.


Electrical systems or components are carrying more current than designed for, leading to excessive heat generation and possible damage or failure.

Loose/Corroded Connections

Loose or corroded connections can increase electrical resistance, causing significant overheating at the connection points.

Phase Imbalances

In a three-phase system, uneven distribution of electrical loads can cause one or more phases to overheat, risking equipment damage.

Faulty Wiring or Equipment

Defective or damaged electrical equipment or wiring can lead to hot spots, signalling potential safety hazards or failures.

Power Quality Issues

Problems with power quality, such as harmonics, can cause conductors, transformers, and motors to overheat, decreasing system efficiency.

Inadequate Cooling

Devices that rely on ventilation or cooling systems to dissipate heat can overheat if these systems fail, leading to potential equipment damage.

Bearing Problems

Overheating bearings in motors or other rotating equipment could indicate lubrication issues, misalignment, or mechanical failure, risking system breakdown.

Insulation Failures

Damage or deterioration to insulation can lead to the formation of hot spots, indicating potential electrical leakage or risk of component failure.

Circuit Breaker Problems

Faulty or deteriorated circuit breakers can overheat, indicating they might be carrying more load than rated for or failing to trip when needed.

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