Switchrooms, or electrical rooms, are specialised spaces that house important electrical equipment, including switchgear, circuit breakers, and control panels. These rooms serve as central points for the distribution of power, playing a crucial role in the management, protection, and control of electrical power systems in industrial, mining, or commercial applications.

Our full-service approach includes the design, manufacture, and installation of switchrooms. We work closely with our clients from the initial planning stages through to the final handover, ensuring every aspect of the project aligns with your specific requirements and adheres to the Australian Standards, Building Codes, and the highest industry standards.

At Select Switchboards, we strive to deliver complete, high-quality solutions for switchrooms that meet your unique needs. Partnering with our sister companies Select Industrial and Dynamix Fabrication, we can offer full switchroom solutions, from the initial design to final installation. So, whether your project requires a simple ground-level switchroom or a complex, elevated structure; find out how we can create a custom switchroom that provides reliable, efficient, and safe power control and distribution for your site.

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Switchroom Design & Specifications

Line design drawing of a switchroom created by Select Switchboards including electrical layout, connections and power distribution systems.

Each switchroom design is complex and unique to the operations of the site. That's why at Select Switchboards we believe in putting our clients at the heart of our switchroom design process. From the outset, our designers and switchroom specialists create open lines of communication with our clients, and their key stakeholders, providing us with a holistic understanding of their unique site power needs. This collaboration ensures the incorporation of all necessary specifications, including the highest level of safety measures.

Our flexible approach enables us to create solutions that accurately meet the spatial, operational, and environmental demands of your project. We offer the option to construct complete switchrooms or design them in modular sections, a feature that proves advantageous in space-constrained locations or sites with complex access conditions. Whether it's accommodating future upgrades or planning for increased electrical load, our solutions are always designed with scalability in mind.

How to get a Free Quote for your Switchroom?

At Select Switchboards, our expert designers can create a design concept and provide you with a free no-obligation quote with only the following information:

  • Single Line Diagram Drawing
  • Description of Required Feeding
  • Location of Installation or Segregations
  • Top or Bottom Cable Feed
  • Fault Ratings

What Select Switchboards design team can do for you?

The Select Switchboards designers will provide you with:

  • Drawings
  • Switchboard Layout
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Schematics
  • Labels
  • Parts List
  • Construction Notes
  • Chassis Layout
  • Projected Timeline
  • Free No-Obligation Quote

Our Solutions

Designed and manufactured to meet your work site's specific requirements, our switchrooms have a large selection of customisable options. Use the toggles below to learn more about our bespoke switchroom modifications and components.

  • Shipping Container
  • Subframe
  • Custom
  • Cyclone Coded
  • Semi Mobile
  • Fully Mobile
  • Substation
  • HV/MV/LV
  • Site Office
  • Control Room
  • Air Lock
Fire Systems
  • VESDA Systems
  • Gas Suppression
  • Ark Flash Detection
  • Fire Rated Construction
  • Internal Lighting
  • External Lighting
  • Emergency Lights
  • Power
  • Desks and Furniture
  • Split
  • Ducted
  • Packaged
  • Chiller
  • Air Locks
  • Platforms
  • Landings
  • Handrails
  • Footings
  • Lifting Points
  • Cable Trays
  • Supports

Switchroom Manufacture & Infrastructure

Switchroom design drawing with external infrastructure provided by Select Industrial.

At Select Switchboard, we manufacture all of the switchboards, sections, and modules that go into our switchrooms on-site in our 2,800sqm manufacturing facility in Darwin, Australia.

Our production process starts with sourcing high-quality materials from industry-leading suppliers, that guarantee compliance with all the required international and Australian Standards. Before our in-house fitters and electricians assemble all the components to the exact design specifications, working closely with the original designer to ensure complete accuracy.

To facilitate on-site assembly for modular switchrooms, we design each module with precision interlocking features. This feature allows for quick and easy assembly on-site, reducing downtime and installation costs. Upon completion of assembly, each unit is factory tested for its operational safety and efficiency after installation into the switchroom itself or into the allocated section for integration on-site.

Our manufacturing process also extends to the crafting of ancillary and supporting elements. Partnering with our sister company, Dynamix Fabrications, we can also manufacture and supply platforms, cable ladders, grounding systems, lighting, and more, to provide a comprehensive solution for our clients.

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Switchrooms Support and Aftercare

Cutom-made switchrooms from Select Switchboards are available in both a design and supply-only agreement or as a turnkey solution. After all, who better to install, commission, and maintain your site's switchroom than the same designers and electricians who created it?

Our comprehensive aftercare and support services offering begins with installation support, whether on-site or remotely, to guarantee seamless integration of your switchroom on-site. This is followed by assistance with commissioning your switchroom to ensure that it is operating at optimal performance, and with full compliance with all standards.

Recognising the need for operational confidence, we also provide comprehensive training for your staff. Our training covers all aspects of switchroom operations, maintenance, and safety procedures, equipping your team with the knowledge they need to run the switchroom efficiently and safely.

Further down the line, to ensure that your switchboard is still functioning safely and at its optimal performance level, we offer tailored maintenance plans that include everything from routine preventive measures to urgent repairs. In addition, as technology advances, we are here to ensure your switchroom stays up to date. We offer modifications, upgrades, and retrofitting services to enhance efficiency, bolster safety, and maintain regulatory compliance.

At Select Switchboards, we pride ourselves on our capability to provide holistic switchroom solutions that tailor directly to your work site's needs. Find out more about how we can help you with your next switchroom project by getting in touch for a free consultation.

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