Meter Boxes

Meter Boxes and Meter Boards are switchboards with the addition of a power authority electricity meter that measures the amount of electric power consumed by that building, apartment or area. This information is then used by the utility provider or landlord to track and bill individual electrical usage.

Select Switchboards are the Meter Box experts in the Northern Territory of Australia. We work closely with the approvals office of Power and Water, the local authority, to ensure that every Meter Box we design and manufacture is fully-tested and ready for installation.

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Our reliable transport network delivers your custom switchboard safely to your door.

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Competitive quotes provided for all bespoke switchboard design and manufacture projects.

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We are independent of any supplier allowing us to be agile in our designs, timelines and units.

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From design and manufacture to servicing and modifications, Select Switchboards can do it all.

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Meterbox Design & Manufacture

Drawings of the shell of a meter box switchboard design that includes the location of components and systems.

To install a meter box in the Northern Territory of Australia, you are required to meet all of the requirements and specifications set out by the local authority, Power and Water.

At Select Switchboards, our expert design team has years of experience in crafting meter boards of all shapes and sizes that always adhere to authority regulations by working closely with the approvals office.

We also continually liaise with all of the other important stakeholders such as electricians, engineers, and consultants to ensure that each meter box is simple to install and provides clear accurate measurements of the desired area.

How to get a Free Quote for your Meter Boxes?

At Select Switchboards, our expert designers can create a design concept and provide you with a free no-obligation quote with only the following information:

  • Number of Tenancies¬†
  • Load Assessment
  • Description of Required Feeding
  • Location of Installation
  • Top or Bottom Cable Feed
  • Any Other Site Specific Requirements

What Select Switchboards design team can do for you?

The Select Switchboards designers will provide you with:

  • Drawings
  • Switchboard Layout
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Schematics
  • Labels
  • Parts List
  • Construction Notes
  • Chassis Layout
  • Projected Timeline
  • Free No-Obligation Quote

Our Solutions

Our industry position and existing relationships allow us to make the process of designing and manufacturing custom meter boxes simple and straightforward regardless of the size, or the number of tenancies of your site.


Our relationship with Power and Water helps us guarantee that all of our meter boxes meet legislation and are ready to immediately install in the NT.

Price & Time

Meter boxes are one of our most popular products. This allows us to always have components ready to go alongside great supplier relationships if we need anything.


Our manufacturing capabilities are flexible with the capability to provide metering switchboards of any size and quantity of tenancies.

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Meter Box Support and Aftercare

At Select Switchboards, we deliver more than just high-quality meter boxes. We are committed to offering a full spectrum of after-sales services designed to support and maintain your meter box throughout its lifecycle.

Our range of additional services encompasses everything from safely transporting your bespoke meter box to the location, to facilitating installation and commissioning, routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and implementing any necessary modifications or upgrades.

Maintaining the optimal functionality and safety of your meter boards is integral to the safety of your personnel, the continuity of your operations, and the security of your premises. Reach out to us today to discover how Select Switchboards can contribute to the sustained efficiency and safety of your meter box.

Our Meter Boxes Include

Every Meter Box that we design and assemble includes:

  • Detailed Design
  • Full In-House Factory Testing
  • Securely Packaged for Transport
  • Guidance to Site Personnel

Meter Boxes Add-Ons

Want us to take care of more than the design and manufacture of your Meter Box? We have the capacity to:

  • Safely Deliver to Site
  • Switchboard Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • On-Site Modifications
  • Additional Site Engineering

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